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Zeta Tulk

Birth Doula
Massage Therapist

Zeta moved to Fort McMurray from Newfoundland in 2006 and quickly made it her home. When she became pregnant with her son, Zeta was taken aback in a prenatal class by some of the questions asked because she thought these basic concepts were common knowledge. When she realized they weren't and noticed the amount of misinformation out there, Zeta really started to fear that other women would not get the births they desired. Zeta decided to hire a doula to help support her birth choices and continued to learn more about natural, normal birth. The birth of her son was life changing and validated her beliefs surrounding birth. Zeta is very passionate about sharing her knowledge with women to helping empower families in pregnancy, birth and the ever-important postpartum period.

**Zeta is currently on maternity leave**


Cell: 780-838-4276

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