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Caitlyn Gould

Birth Doula
Postpartum Doula

Caitlyn was born and raised in Central Alberta where she grew up babysitting and worked as a nanny as a young adult. She moved to Fort McMurray 3 years ago and has been calling it home ever since. After the birth of her daughter in the spring of 2016, Caitlyn felt that there was so much more that she didn’t know or get to experience. She started doing some research and came across the idea of a doula and contacted the Fort McMurray Doula Association regarding their upcoming training. Caitlyn believes that pregnancy and birth is something beautiful and shouldn’t be taken for granted, which is what led her to becoming a doula. Her philosophy around birth is the belief that you always have a choice. She wants your voice to be heard and for your family to cherish this beautiful moment in your lives.


Cell: 403-559-4552

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